Mathias Koch is Key Account Manager Hybrid & E-Drive at the BEM member company Huber Automotive AG. He reports on his exciting work environment in the field of new mobility. While leading automobile manufacturers and suppliers announced drastic layoffs this autumn, there are more and more companies that are creating new areas of activity through business models in electromobility and are continuously hiring skilled workers. In the “Strong Voices” interview of the Federal Association of eMobility, Mathias Koch confirms that his company alone doubled the number of employees last year.

Huber Automotive develops automotive electronics with the ultimate goal of improving future mobility. The aim is also to continuously improve environmental performance, prevent environmental impacts and actively pursue environmental protection. For this reason, all production sites are supplied with electricity from renewable energies.

Advancing the future – Huber Automotive develops automotive electronics with the ultimate goal of improving future mobility.

Huber Automotive AG, headquartered in Mühlhausen i.T., is the core company of the Huber Group with its development and manufacturing expertise. While the company has contributed to reducing emissions in the past, the focus is now on future-oriented drive technologies: Electronic control systems for OEMS and TIER1, as well as complete e-mobility, retrofit and conversion solutions for cars and especially commercial vehicles.

The product and service portfolio is divided into the three business areas Automotive Electronics, Battery Management and eDrive / Hybrid. The rapidly growing eDrive / Hybrid business field offers eMobility and hybrid vehicle concepts as a complete solution. The developments in this segment relate to the integration of intelligent control systems into the overall vehicle and include the central vehicle control of all system-relevant components, such as energy management of the high and low voltage system, energy recovery (recuperation) during braking depending on the driving situation, and charging and safety management.

As an established specialist in automotive electronics, Huber Automotive benefits from its many years of experience as a Tier 1 series supplier to the automotive industry with its eDrive solutions. Numerous system developments and integrations of electrified and hybridized drive trains, as well as in-depth knowledge of the intelligent networking of control units in on-board network architectures and, last but not least, the long-term partnerships with well-known European system suppliers to the automotive industry enable the use of the latest high-volume technology in all fields of application.

With the video campaign “Strong Voices for New Mobility”, the BEM puts its members and actors in the foreground. The electric mobility enthusiasts report on personal experiences with the new e-drive and which business models are being implemented in companies based on electric mobility. The campaign is a contribution to the education of customers and the interested public. At the same time, the association wants to give an impression of the breadth of the new drive, which is supported and lived by numerous specialists.

The videos of the BEM are produced in-house and take the contact restrictions into account during the Corona restrictions. (October 2020)