Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radiated frequency technology (RF)


EMC component chamber for radiated and conducted EMC measurements according to the standards CIPSR25, Ed.4 / EN55025, DIN / ISO 11452-2, DIN / ISO 11452-4

Transient measuring station and vehicle electrical system simulator according to the standards ISO 7637, ISO 16750, LV124-1

ESD measuring station for all standard standards up to 30KV

RF measuring station for the determination of electric and magnetic near fields

RF measuring station for network analysis up to 13.5GHz

RF measuring station for spectrum analysis up to 18.0 GHz


Employees with relevant and many years of experience in the automotive sector

EMC / RF sector Great know-how in the field of EMC / RF properties from component level to the vehicle

EMC / RF evaluation of components / components / control units / systems

Research and pre-development activities such as technology assurance, line analysis and evaluation, committee work, u.v.m.

EMC measurements for our customers